The Tight Rope

Daniel Ellsberg: #JulianAssange Witness Blows the Whistle on America’s Dark Side

October 4, 2020

Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg reveals to Cornel West and Tricia Rose what he said in his testimony during the Julian Assange extradition hearing and sheds light on America's dark side - then and now.

Click here to watch Dr. West's conversation with Julian Assange, recorded inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in May 2013:

Producer's note: This conversation was recorded a few hours before President Trump revealed his positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

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Creator/EP: Jeremy Berry

EP/Host: Cornel West

EP/Host: Tricia Rose

Producer: Allie Hembrough

Producer: James Artis

Beats x Butter (IG: @Butter_Records)


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